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Retractable T-Top

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Oceansouth NEW Retractable T-Top has been designed to be able to be lowered for easy storage and to reduce ‘wind lift’ when trailering.

  • 2m height. Can be shortened to required height.
  • ​Retracts to 1.4m in height
  • Ø32mm bright – dipped aluminium tube.
  • Heavy duty – Dope dyed polyester fabric 320g/m2.
  • Top can be removed for storage.
  • All connectors and mounts made from marine grade polymers.
  • 316 grade stainless steel fasteners.
  • Rod Holders 21153 and navigation light mounts 21040 available separately
  • Medium assembling skills required.

Adjustable to fit a range of centre console widths and provides perfect weather protection over the wheel.

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